Free Government Debt Consolidation Loans - Federal Debt Relief Programs to Help All Americans

If you are struggling because you have lost your job or gotten in over your head with credit cards, or other loans, you are not alone. Many are having a hard time making their minimum monthly payments and are in jeopardy of ruining their credit rating or losing assets. The US government has stepped up to the plate knowing that many are needing a helping hand to get through these difficult times. There are several private and government debt consolidation programs that have emerged. Read on to learn how free government debt consolidation loans can help you.

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Some cities have unemployment rates now at 10-15%, combined with the average American carrying $10,000 in debt or more. How can they be expected to make high interest minimum monthly payments? Many are turning to debt consolidation options to eliminate all their higher interest debts from credit cards student loans and other loans, replacing them with one lower interest loan from a government or private debt consolidator.

You can find out if you qualify for one of these programs by going online and answering a few questions to determine if you can start to take some of the pressure off your shoulders. It is easy and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting a free quote online. You may be eligible for the DOE program which is a free government debt relief service capable of consolidating your high interest debts into one low monthly payment - this can even lower your total amount of debt.

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