Obama's Home Affordable Loan Modification Program - Take Action Now to Prevent Losing Your Home

Take action now to prevent losing your home through President Obama's HAMP, Home Affordable Loan Modification Program. This Department of Treasury program is not producing the results that were intended with its targeted number of deserving homeowners. It was estimated that between 3-4 million at-risk homeowners would qualify for government assistance through this type of mortgage restructure. Currently fewer than 175,000 property owners have received a permanent modification plan. Many applicants are approved for a three month trial period but never realize the offer of a long term loan modification. The government's one size fits all plan is failing their citizens miserably.

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Applicants are being denied due to their hardship letter details and format, and incomplete financial document records. Consumers are choosing an alternative method of gaining access for this assistance by employing the aid of the professionals. These financial strategists are well versed in the expectations and approval guidelines for this type of homeowners' program. Interested consumers who are facing possible foreclosure can take advantage of a free consultation with a representative. The modification agent will review all pertinent documents and start the process for revamping a more affordable mortgage. Many homeowners are facing unemployment and salary cuts and are unable to sustain household living expenses without a type of loan modification.

The representative works with their clients to ensure that the two most crucial elements in the application process are in order for a quick approval. The hardship letter must clearly state the financial reason for the modification, with a slant on the emotional impact that the change in household income has made on all family members. The homeowners are usually too close to the situation to write an emotional plea that also includes clear and concise information. The representative is the applicant's partner that will pull the facts and emotions together to formulate a winning hardship letter that will be accepted. They will ensure that their clients include all the necessary financial documents that are needed to gain approval.

Consumers are reaching out to Modification agencies for a financial advocate in order to work on their behalf to achieve financial security. They are searching for a method to keep their home and living without the threat of foreclosure. Let President Obama's modification program work for you through the expertise of a financial modification services today, and enjoy the peace of mind that these agencies give their clients.

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