Stay Away From Payday Loans By Becoming A Substitute

Although it is slowly improving, the job market is still less than ideal. The unemployment rate, while steadily climbing, has a long way to go before reaching pre-recession figures. This is a particularly troublesome situation for recent college graduates, as they have spent a lot of time and money to secure a financially stable future and may instead be greeted with a very hostile job market. Graduates may find themselves in a very frustrating and unfruitful job search for the first few months after finishing school. In fact, statistics say that it takes on average around six months to find a good job after graduating college. Before you let this negative situation affect you to the point that you must take out a payday loan or cash advance to cover the bills, why not consider becoming a substitute teacher in the meantime. This can be a rewarding way to pay the bills while you continue to search for employment.

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Becoming a substitute teacher can help you to pay the bills while you continue your job search and give you some unique work experience. Even if you are not attempting to enter the field of education, subbing can instill many important life skills that easily transfer to other fields. Leadership, communication, and organization are just some of the many capabilities that you can expect to gain as a substitute teacher. In order to become a sub, you must first possess a Bachelor's degree: your degree does not have to be in any specific subject. Once you have your degree, you will need to take and pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test, or CBEST as it is called for short. These tests are administered every other month at several locations. You can look online for sample test question to give you a better idea of what the test entails. Once you have passed the test, you need to apply for a 30 Day Substitute Permit. You can visit the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website to get instructions on how to do this. You will need to gather an application, transcripts, and get your fingerprinting done before you apply. Some school districts will guide you through this process for new substitutes, but many will want you to have this completed before you apply.

Once you have finished these steps, you must apply directly to any school district that you hope to work at. It is not always necessary to wait for a job opening, as many school districts are always accepting applications to keep on file. Your application should consist of a cover letter, a district application, letters of recommendation, and copies of your transcripts. In your cover letter, you will want to talk about why you want to be a sub and why you would be good at it. District applications can usually be picked up in the human resources department and may even be available online. For your letters of recommendation, you will want to ask someone that you have either worked for or with, such as co-workers, former employers, and even professors that you may have worked closely with. Your transcripts do not need to be official, so you can get them from your online account at your school. After you have gathered all this paperwork together, turn it into the district's HR department and wait for a call back. With a little luck, you will be hearing back shortly, and be on track to work as a sub, thus keeping you from the payday loan office.

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