Struggling With Debt? Could a Credit Card Debt Relief Consolidation Loan Rescue You From Bankruptcy?

In these turbulent economic times of recession and rising unemployment, many people are looking into ways of relieving their credit card debts. Many debt relief firms are being contacted by individuals who are looking for help, advice and support to help them get out of debt, and back on firmer financial ground. This article aims to give you a brief overview of consolidation loans used for easing credit card debt, how to reduce the burden of your debt, and some other useful hints and tips that will help you find out how to deal with your debt in an effective manner before it starts to take over your life.

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Never Borrow More to Pay Off Existing Debts

It is vitally important to remember that borrowing more money just to pay off your credit card debt won't work. Even if you take out a super low interest consolidation loan, the only real debt relief you will experience will be when you are totally free from debt, not just when you have managed to stop the credit card company from hassling you. Keep in mind that if you secure the equity in your home against your consolidation loan, then all you are doing is effectively swapping your credit card debt for the value of your home; you are taking an unsecured debt and turning it into a secured debt. No matter how you look at it, you are still in debt; it's just that now you may have longer to pay it back, and have to pay lower interest rates. It's important to decide whether you really want to risk your house to secure a consolidation loan.

Changing to a Different Interest Rate

If you are still lucky enough to be enjoying a good credit rating, for instance if you haven't yet begun to get behind on your repayments, then you may think about taking out a second credit card that has a lower rate, and transfer the higher interest rate balances to this account. If you do this, the important thing is to completely stop using both cards until the balance is paid off, otherwise your new credit card account will just turn into yet more debt that you have to make high monthly repayments on and you will have no relief.

Speak with Creditors

If you don't want to risk taking out a consolidation loan, then you should really think about speaking to your creditors and lenders. Many card companies offer hardship programs, which can include lower repayments, and even reduce the overall value of your debt; however, you must be able to prove that you are genuinely struggling to make your current repayments.

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