Think You Can Get Out of Paying Your Student Loan - Think Again and Use College Logic This Time

Indeed, I find it quite fascinating that we are told by politicians that the answer to our challenges and economy, the answer to jobs is more training and more college. That doesn't seem to be the case in other parts of the world where they've worked very hard to educate every single high school student that graduates. There are a number of nations now with highly educated populations, but they still have the same job unemployment problem we do in the United States right now.

So, I do not believe that employment is necessarily guaranteed with a degree from college, in fact I think the research shows that not be the case. Nevertheless, we are also told by academia, which is quite convenient actually, that if you go to school you will be more prepared for a job, and more suited for higher end employment, good jobs which come with good benefits. Still, we are watching benefits slide away as healthcare costs increase at a tremendous rate. In fact, the only thing that is rising faster than healthcare costs is college tuition; isn't that ironic?

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But still, they say college is a must, and therefore so many students have to borrow money on student loans to get that college education, and because there are so many people borrowing money the colleges don't have to lower the tuition costs due to supply and demand, therefore they keep raising the costs without lowering their own benefits or reducing their own legacy costs. The way it stands now our colleges and universities are not sustainable economically and isn't it ironic that these same individuals are advising our government on how to run our economy?

Before you take out a student loan for a $100,000 to get a degree you might ask yourself if that industry will even be around by the time you graduate, especially considering how fast the business world is evolving and how much new technology is hitting the scene each and every year. All this disruption is making the concept of a guaranteed job rather elusive. And don't think that if you take out a student loan that you can renege and not pay it off.

It used to be that college law students would graduate from college, use their law degree to file bankruptcy and get out of the student loans. The government changed that making it almost impossible to discharge that debt, and now if you have outstanding student loans you can't get additional money from the government, and they will eventually take it out of your Social Security check, that is if they don't collect your personal assets before that using debt collection agencies. Oh you didn't know about that did you?

There was an interesting article in the New York Times on September 9, 2012 titled; "Degrees of Debt - Debt Collectors Cashing In on Student Loan Roundup," by Andrew Martin which stated; "The Department of Education last year paid $1.4 billion to collection agencies to hunt down defaulters, a group that includes nearly one in six borrowers with a loan balance."

You see, the problem with borrowing money is that you have to pay it back. Of course many of these kids don't understand economics because they fail to teach in high school these days. Further, you can tell by the way they vote that they don't understand how to balance a checkbook, or why the federal government should not deficit spend. Not only does the government owe money, but all these college students owe money also, and they think that they can somehow sneak away or walk away from this debt. It's not going to happen. Please consider all this and think on it.

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