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If you are having a hard time paying your student loan, what will you do next? A good solution to this problem is to contact a student loan officer in the bank and inquire about deferment instead of running away from your debt. Delaying your payments is what deferment can do in any of the condition that follows.

1. Pregnant or watching over a newborn child - If you are without a job, not going to school and studied for 6 months at least, are some of the requirements to get the student loan for parental leave.

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Proof in the form of documents will be needed to know your present condition.

The adoption agency must make a statement about your adoption if you have an adopted child. Your certificate of enrollment from your school 6 months ago might also be needed.

2. Monetary Hardship - For you to apply in this loan, you need to have a very low income. Lower than what's indicated in the standard of living as acknowledged by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics. Similar to the parental loan deferment, valid proof might be needed too.

3. In-school Deferment - A six month grace period is given if you have been enrolled for at least half of the time. Therefore, interests or payments will no longer be required.

4. Being Incapacitated - Being unable to work for 60 days and more due to disability, or looking after your disabled spouse or dependent for 90 days will make you a probable candidate for a deferment.

5. Unemployment - To prove you case of qualifying for deferment, you need to show evidence that you work for less than 30 hours weekly.

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