Obama's Loan Modification Plan - Get the Inside Scoop

Loan modification plan refers to the agreement with your bank that may allow you to change or modify the terms of your current home loan. Since being elected President one of the main points everyone wants to know about is Obama's loan modification plan. With so many foreclosures taking place, the Obama administration has made it a priority to reduce the number occurring every day. This administration has made it a top priority to keep hard working Americans in there homes. The stimulus package approved by Congress and signed by President Obama was one of the first steps taken during this economic struggle to reduce the number of foreclosures. $247 billion dollars worth of tax cuts were put into the bill for working families as a way to stem foreclosures.

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Another step taken by the Obama administration was to have Congress enact the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, or ARRA. The act was worth about $787 billion in benefits. Ranging from unemployment benefits and welfare, to tax credits of up to $8,000 for first time home buyers. The truth is that the bank, more often thank not, rather keep you in the home making partial payments, then to have an empty homestead receiving no payments. Much of the information you read about Obama's loan modification program is manipulated by partisan sides trying to make numbers and figures seem the way they want them to seem. There have been many steps enacted in order to prevent the rising number of foreclosures, and the most practical way is to inquire about what loan modification programs are available to you through your bank.

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